Activate your SIM at least 3 days before your travel!

We recommend activating your SIM at least 3 days before your trip. This way you will avoid problems, ensure reliable data service and enjoy the best internet during your adventure without having to worry about procedures or inconveniences at your destination. Activating your card is very simple and consists of only 3 steps:


To avoid problems when using your SIM at your destination, it is advisable to check that your mobile phone detects our SIM card without problems. To perform this check, all you have to do is insert the card into your phone with the PIN code provided on it and check that your phone detects it.

In the rare case of not being recognized, contact us through the sales channel used to send you a new one in time for your trip.

STEP 2. EASY ACTIVATION FORM (At least 3 days before your travel)

It is very important to provide all the information required for the activation, we need these data required by the European Union in order to activate your SIM.

    1. Please enter the full ICCID (Reading the instruction to find ICCID).
    2. ICCID must be entered in all. Otherwise, the SIM card will not be matched.

    Tip: Date of arrival at your travel destination.

    Tip: Please enter your order number in the format: xxx-xxxxxxx-xxxxxxx

    Tip: We will send a Confirmation email to you within 24 hours. Please make sure your email is correct.

    Tip: Please upload the photo of your passport, we need to check your identity.

    1. ICCID and the arrival day are required information to activate the SIM card. Please fill in carefully. If you make a mistake, we will not be able to activate the card for you.
    2. Please register 3 days in advance to ensure we can activate your SIM card on time.
    3. Any problem, please contact us:

    STEP 3. CONFIGURE THE APN (In your destination)

    Once you land at your destination the APN may configure automatically, but if this do not happen you may configure the APN manually. Setting the APN (Access Point Name) on your mobile is essential for you to be able to access data services and browse the Internet. The exact settings may vary by operating system, country and mobile service provider, but generally follow these steps:

    Android configuration

    1. Find APN configuration in your smartphone


    2. Add the new APN

    Name: Fi

    3. Restart your smartphone

    After the reboot, make sure mobile data is turned on (in network settings or notification bar) to start using your new APN settings.

    IOS configuration

    1. Find APN configuration in your smartphone


    2. Delete the old APN

    Select "Restore Default Settings" or "Delete".

    3. Add the new APN

    Name: Fi

    Important APN info!

    In some cases, it may be necessary to restart your phone for the changes to take effect. After the reboot, make sure mobile data is turned on (in network settings or notification bar) to start using your new APN settings.

    Congratulations on completing the activation of your SIM card!

    You will receive a confirmation email that your activation has been successful. We are delighted to have you fully connected and ready to embrace your adventure with the best Internet service at your fingertips. As you embark on your trip, may every moment be filled with greatness and unforgettable experiences. From exploring new places to meeting wonderful people, may this journey be a tapestry of joy and discovery. Wishing you a safe and exciting voyage, full of cherished memories and new horizons. Remember, we are here to support you at every step of the way, providing a reliable and efficient data service, so you can stay connected with your loved ones and share your extraordinary experiences.

    Bon voyage and here's to the greatness that awaits you on your incredible journey! 🌟✨

    Do you have any problem?

    If you have any issues or doubts you can contact us in our Support Chat Line (Monday to Friday, 10:00-18:00 European time/UTC+1) or in our mail